Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Slow Club - 24/09/08 - Barfly (Dragon bar)

Fuckin quality. Some guy on first who I think was supporting the Wedding Present with a full band, much better tonight without the hideous acoustics of the Barfly's main room working against him/them. Ended up with seven people on stage but still quite a subdued sound, bit of a shame really as it would have been good to hear the full band without the keyboards drowning everything else out. Next up was Little Palm who sounded far too much like Cathy Davey for her own good. Quite pleasant but I spent the whole set waiting for Save Button which clearly wasn't what she was after. Tom something next who didn't quite have enough about him to grab me (I was seriously pissed by this point) and finally Slow Club. Surprisingly big crowd considering how hard it usually is to get Brummies to gigs, shame everyone was just standing there like a corpse. Made little sense to play Me & You and Because We Are Dead so early in the set when they were clearly the best known songs but never mind, the whole thing was glorious and the final song completely acoustic in the middle of the crowd was a truly special moment. Thank fuck I don't have work tomorrow, thanks to staying in town after work and the half price cocktails in Island I can barely see right now.

p.s. Yes, I've only just got back. Yes, I'm still pissed. No, I won't change my mind about this gig tomorrow and I'm slightly disappointed I won't remember more of it. I may however remember the names of the support acts and dig out some links to their myspaces as they were all worth a further look (even the guy I said sod-all about, he didn't do owt for me tonight but I'd listened to him online before and it sounded pretty good)

p.p.s. Rebecca from Slow Club is fucking gorgeous. Fact.

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