Sunday, 21 June 2009

Full Disclosure

So, 5cc has a poll up and it looks like I'm the first person to go for the "I'm bored of the banging on about the Mail - stop that stuff and post about other things" option and I feel I should explain my choice. I wouldn't have said I was bored of it as I still find it amusing, but recently as 5cc suggested it has seemed like mail bashing has become nothing more than tracking down extra examples of shit we already knew they were doing and I think everyone's time would be better served finding a new target or looking for ways to show the mail's true colours to the majority of people who don't read blogs and still think the mail has some sort of credibility.

There now exists a catalogue of blog posts extensive enough to demonstrate quite clearly that the mail cannot be trusted to deliver accurate reporting on practically any subject, so is it really worthwhile continuing to catalogue their every failure? As someone who can barely get round to updating a blog with no specific agenda whatsover I've begun to see it as incredibly wasteful that so many great bloggers are still dedicating themselves to a cause which already has all the evidence it needs.

(Title stolen from a Fugazi track)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Secrecy fail

Don't ask me why I was on the website, I really don't know.

Shambala 2009 will be at a top secret site in Northamptonshire. Detailed information and directions will be provided with ticket purchase only.

Secret you say? Even people from Coventry can read maps (page 2).

Friday, 12 June 2009

Is the BNP racist?

Find out here*

*SPOILER ALERT: Yes, yes they are.
Via Anton.