Monday, 15 September 2008

End of the Road

I think the festival can be best summed up with the very first line from my notebook:

"Oh. My. god."

(No idea why god ended up without a capital but quite pleased it did)

I think it was probably the best weekend of my entire life. The setting was perfect, the bands were incredible and I met many wonderful people. Will attempt a real post or two about what I got up to once I've had some sleep and decoded the remainder of my drunken scrawl. One more quote from my notes for now:

"Best t-shirt of the weekend - So many kittens, so few recipes"


Richard said...

Really? Even better than 'A city built on rock and roll would be structurally unsound'?

And by the way, hello :) my write-up is taking shape on this one - haven't made it to Sunday yet though, which is sure to be the longest because it was the best...

Richard said...

Yeah, except STN are actually bothering to describe the music itself in detail, I'm just narrating. I'll try to combine the two for Sunday I guess!