Friday, 12 December 2008

The Star Wars Holiday Special

From wikipedia:

The second musical number is the song "Light the Sky on Fire", performed by Jefferson Starship, which is presented as a 3-D music video watched by one of the Imperial guards

So did the entire world know about this and just decide not to tell me? Bastards, the lot of you. Many thanks to Chicken Yoghurt for finally breaking the silence. To give anyone else who was being kept in the dark an idea of what you've been missing, here are a few comments I made to people on MSN as I was watching:

-a child wookie is watching a small holographic acrobat
-who is, incidentally, green.

-this has taken a dark, dark turn
-a geriatric wookie seems to be watching porn
-or possibly having it beamed directly into his head
-and now its turned into a song

(not me*) -What is this a variety performance or something?!
(me) - its a fucking mess is what it is
(not me) - WTF! I was distracted and now it's turned into a cartoon?!"

*This guy knew about it, but had never watched it. He got sucked in along with me to what must be the greatest example of car-crash TV ever made. Two hours long and terrible from start to finish but at the same time utterly impossible to stop watching. I'm surprised George Lucas has tried to bury it, if anything can make episode 1 look good this is it.

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