Monday, 18 August 2008

Lou Barlow's Amazing Website is a truly astonishing place. Described very accurately on the front page as Lou Barlow's vast and confusing website, it houses a whole host of interesting Lou related bits and pieces including the usual news, gig listings, videos etc but also a huge gallery of cat photos (never a bad thing) and probably about 5 whole albums worth of music, mostly available for free download with the remainder being streamed on the site. There are some incredible songs up there and it is really worth the time to click around the place to track them all down, or at least the ones not available on CD. You might as well skip the original Sentridoh mp3s and just go straight to the merch page to buy it, if you've got any sense you'll end up paying for a CD even after getting the mp3s, its worth having in a permanent form and something that good deserves to be paid for.

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